Provence Peacoat By Winter Wear Designs test

This past winter having moved I noticed that while the temperatures were no colder it was definitely windier especially at Captain X’s school, I longed for a great coat all winter but could find an RTW that fit my curves and I wasn’t that confident that a PDF pattern would either without substantial grading.  Enter Spring and the call to test the Provence Peacoat by Winter Wear Designs.

Front 6

Coming in sizes XXS-XXXL this pattern covers a great size range and there is enough ease for a warm layer or two to be worn underneath.

Front 7

This fully lined and fitted peacoat is a classic look and worth investing in some substantial fabric after creating a muslin, this baby will last for years.  I made mine out of  wool and lined it with satin, no freezing coastal breeze will get me through those layers.  Some of the other testers made theirs from fleece, denim, suede and drill, one even made a light weight lace version.

Back 1

There are a few option with this classic coat including three different lengths, a hood, back or waist bands, a belt and sleeve tabs, so you could make yourself a couple of different coats from the same pattern.  The jacket can also be worn with a full collar and lapel or buttoned up up the whole way.

Front 3

Detail 4 collar

Of course there are also welt pockets deep enough to put your keys and phone and to make things extra snuggly you could make the pocket bag from something such as fleece or minky.

Detail 2 pocket

The pattern taped together easily and the tutorial gives clear step by step instructions for finishing this coat beautifully.  It would be easy to be scared off making a coat such as this but it really is not difficult, though I do recommend making a fleece muslin first to ensure you fit is correct before cutting into expensive wool.  Included in the tutorial are instructions for fitting including lengthening or shortening the sleeves.  Plus there is a great Facebook group found here that are always keen to help.Detail 1

The days have started to heat up here in NZ so my coat is away waiting for next year, I do have plans though to make another probably in a waxed denim that I have in my stash and us the hood option ready for soccer season next year.

Front 4

You can find the pattern on sale today here..


Jocole Blog Tour – A Spring Quick Top

Jocole blog tour

Spring has finally sprung here in NZ and it is time to start enjoying some new spring clothes, so the Jocole blog tour was a great opportunity to sew up a top I have been wanting to sew since I first purchased the pattern on its release last year!

Yip, tell me I am not the only one who buys patterns for me a never gets round to sewing them up for ages!  I have almost all the Jocole ladies patterns and have sewn up a few but not all of them yet, this Summer I plan to spend more time sewing for me as the Gingerbear Princess is off to school soon and so will be wearing a uniform.

Front 1

The quick dress and top really earns it name and is really beginner friendly.  I made the extended sleeve with contrast front yoke version and had it printed taped and cut out in 40mins and less than a hour later I was wearing my new top.

The pattern is so easy to tape together thanks to the grid lines in the background.  I chose to contrast the front yoke and leave the back in one solid piece using the boat neck cutting line.


There are many more options for this top including a variety of sleeve and top lengths all neatly laid out in both the many line drawings and tester photographs.   You could set up a huge part of your wardrobe on this one pattern alone and have no two pieces looking alike.  I also like that a little bit of really cute or expensive fabric can co a long way if used in the yoke.

Side 3

The other great aspect of this pattern is that it can be made from either wovens or knits or a mixture of both.  I sewed this version in rayon and I love the way it drapes and feels lovely and cool as the days start to heat up.

Front 2

Jodi the designer/owner Jocole patterns writes awesome tutorials and they are definitely one of the ones I measure others against.  They are really detailed with clear digital line drawings but also have a “cheat sheet” option without pictures for those who are more confident.

Side 2

So pick yourself up a pattern or two here, using the tour discount code detailed below and check out all the other awesome items for adults and children my fellow bloggers have made.

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