Jennuine Design Moto Jacket Blog Tour

When I saw Jenn post in one of my Facebook groups a month ago that she was looking for some bloggers to do a tour for her Moto Jacket I decided it was just the thing to pull me out of my sewing funk.  With it’s asymmetrical zipper, lining, welt pockets and knit collar I thought it would be cute in some old gold pleather I had seen at my local fabric store.

Front 1

A unisex pattern coming in sizes 2 to 12 years, I did a straight size 4 based on the Princesses measurements,  usually she would be a 3 but she has had a bit of a growth spurt lately and as I always do (and you should too) I checked her measurements and selected the size 4.

Back 2

The pattern pieces went together easily (it has layers for those that use them) and the tutorial was clear and precise with digitally illustrated step-by-step pictures, it is even clearly broken down into steps to reverse the side of the zipper for boys.  The handy cutting layout and guide will ensure you get the pieces facing the right way.  Jenn has left no stone unturned in thinking of all the possible places you might need help from the cutting layout to shortening a zipper it is all there making this Intermediate level pattern very manageable for those confident beginners looking to increase their skills.

Back 1

My initial choice was to pair it with some pale pink knit, but then the princess got some new glittery black boots with old gold zippers so I switched it up to black.   I chose to do the sleeves in pleather too as it had a bit of stretch to it.   The pleather I was using was bit of pain in that the backing was a bit weak so I chose to forgo the pockets rather than chance the pockets getting over stuffed with ‘treasures’ my little transporter likes to carry around and ripping.  I also did a double row of stitching on all the seams for this reason.

Zip 3

The trickest part was dealing with the pleather, this was my first time sewing a garmet from it an was glad I had a bit of a test run on some scraps first.  Make sure you have the right needle for the job, I used a leather needle, and used a roller foot for everything bar the zipper and added a layer of tape to the bottom of it to help it slip along the fabric.

Zip 1

I love the fact the jacket is lined and has facings and armhole binding to ensure it looks just as fabulous on the inside as it does on the outside.

Lining 1

The Princess was in love with the jacket the moment she laid eyes on it and put on a fine show while having here pictures taken, we can’t wait to wear it out to a friends birthday this Friday.

Dance 1

Jenn is having a store-wide sale to coincide with the tour.  Get 25% off with the code MotoTour.  She also has a giveaway happening at A Jennuine Life.

Thanks for visiting, please be sure to check out all the other cool Jackets on the tour they can be found here

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