LKC Fancy Flounce Skirt

This pattern, the Fancy Flounce Skirt  by Little Kiwis Closet has been months in the planning and I was so happy that Lydia chose to share this baby with me in the early stages.  I love testing a pattern for a designer that isn’t willing to rush something through and wants to get it ‘just right’ before release.

Front 4

If your little one loves to twirl they are going to love this lined skirt with it’s rolled edge flounces and soft knit, elasticated waistband.

Twirl 1

Taking about 3 hours to cut and sew (about 3 Gilmore Girls, my latest sewing watch), this advanced beginner/intermediate pattern has only one thing that may cause difficulty and that is the rolled edge which requires an overlocker/serger.  However if you do have an overlocker/serger this is the pattern to haul it out on and learn how to use it.

Detail 2

For all it looks complex there are very few pattern pieces to print and as always Little Kiwi Closet patterns match beautiful and the tutorial is easy to follow and explains things beautifully.  The pattern covers sizes 6months to 12 years, I made the size 3 with a size 2 waistband for the Princess who has just turned 4.

Sitting 1

The Fancy Flounce will make a fabulous seasonal/holiday skirt, one of my tests was a Christmas version though the Princess was not in a photographic mood that day (also this is an earlier version that has less flounce.  I think I might make one up for Easter.  The flounce reminds me of the onion domes on St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, a place that is most definitely on my bucket list of places to visit.

2014-12-04 15.00.19

You can get the pattern here on sale for the next 24 hours at 15%


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