Day 1 EYMM Zander Hoodie Blog Tour

Welcome to Day 1 of the EYMM Zander Hoodie Blog tour, I can’t wait to share my experience of making this unique pattern.

Front 1 copy

When the Boys Bundle from Pattern Revolution came out the other week, one of the patterns that really caught my eye as a fresh twist on a staple was EYMM’s Zander hoodie. With its asymmetrical zipper, big pocket and vest or sleeved options. I also loved that in spite of being released as a ‘boys’ pattern it is totally unisex, in fact I can’t wait to make one up for me!


Having sewn Kymy’s patterns previously (here and here), I knew her instructions would be thorough and while this hoodie is definitely a step up to an intermediate level pattern, the instructions are very clear and well-tested so trust them! Looking at the pattern pieces might make you wonder how on earth it will all go together, something I greatly admire about designers, but I promise it will all come together and make complete sense in the end.

Front zip down 1 copy

The pattern comes in two size ranges offering great value for money. The children’s/tween’s sizes (3months to 18 tween) and the soon to be released adult sizes (this is available for pre-order now, sizes XS-5X), so everyone is covered. I made up the size 6/7 for Captain X mostly for the length so he can wear it well into next year since spring has just arrived.

front looking up copy

I used a light grey sweatshirt fleece for the main, a charcoal ponte for the band and pocket, cotton for the lining and a patch of drill for the badge on the front. While the pattern calls for a knit on the inside it is possible to use a woven, the only spot I found need a bit of finessing was the armholes, but there would have been no issue had I been inserting sleeves.

Badge copy


The Captain loved it he especially loved that he could wear the hood like Palpatine.


Kymy has a great little reverse appliqué pack that can be used with this hoodie, using the same idea using a Darth Vader picture from some drill I found at Spotlight (the Star Wars cotton came from there too).

Back hood up

The only issue I had was the printing and taping being an A4 paper user I found the lines a little off while taping and it required a little more patience than usual with an EYMM pattern; however I know Kymy is looking into this as I write. Such great service and dedication to making her patterns just right for everyone, which is why her adults version is having some final tweaks before being released.

Side walking copyright

Overall this is a great pattern and just that little bit different than your typical hoodie, making sewing for the Captain just a little more interesting.

Back hood down

You can find the patterns here. Use the coupon code hoodiesrock for 25% off of Zander’s Hoodie & Hooded Vest, the Boy’s Silhouettes Reverse Applique Pack, and pre-orders of the His & Hers Asymmetrical Hoodie. It is valid through 11:59pm on 9/23.

Side back

Don’t forget to visit the other Bloggers on the tour and see the great things they made too.

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