The Flutterby Peasant Dress/Top by Little Kiwis Closet

Top Drivway 2OK so I tested for Little Kiwis Closet again – I think I might have a problem, I made three versions of this dress/top in one go and I still didn’t make all the options available.

knit dress front

Seriously though, for all that there are multiple peasant tops and dresses out there the Flutterby Peasant is definitely one you want to have in your repetoire and here are the reasons why.

Dress graveyard

Note: I made this dress longer than the pattern states.

Reason 1.  This dress is real value for money, there are dress and top length options that can both have a ruffle or not.  Then there are the sleeves, you have a choice of flutter, short or long with or without an elastic casing at varying points on the sleeve.  I TOLD YOU THERE WERE OPTIONS!

knit dress crop

Reason 2.  Lydia’s awesome way of putting a pattern together, it never fails for me and it is so easy.  Her instructions are clear and easy to follow too.

Knit dress back

Reason 3.  This is a peasant dress with actual pattern pieces.  I know seems obvious right?  But there are patterns out there that don’t advertise this in their listings, sure some people like to measure and cut and sometimes I do but mostly I don’t.

Top Driveway 1

Reason 4.  This is a fitted peasant, which I love as the Gingerbear Princess is rather petite.

Reason 5.  The size range – NB to 12 years, even more value for money!

Top side

Reason 6.  Lydia’s general awesomeness!  OK so this doesn’t relate to this specific pattern but Lydia is dedicated to her patterns being the best they can be (which is why you end up with so many options).  The Facebook Group is great for ideas, inspiration and help and Lydia is around to answer questions there too.  As an aside she is just as lovely in person and has made me feel really welcome in my new hometown.

top back

So go get your pattern here, it is 20% until about midday NZ time tomorrow 9/9/14.



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