Free Hooded Vest Pattern from Little Kiwis Closet

looking down

Lydia from Little Kiwis is on a roll at the moment (I have another post coming another test for here) even better this time she has released a FREE! Yes that’s right FREE pattern!  What a great way to get to know designer and the fact it is such an awesome pattern is even better.

Front on rock copyright

It is available here in sizes 12months-6years and designed to upcycle old woollen blankets, though I made mine with a lighter weight wool outer and a polar fleece liner for stability.  This is the size 2 on my skinny mini, Gingerbear Princess so I added an extra 5cm to the length on Lydia’s handy dandy lengthen lines – yes she added those to her FREE PATTERN that is how awesomely generous she is.

Hood 2

What is so great about this pattern other than the fact it is FREE!  Well it has a super snuggly hood that stays up while playing and covers the ears beautifully.


The front pieces cross over the chest providing a double layer of warmth.

Front on ledge - Copyright

It has a hi/lo hem to keep their back warm while they play crouched down, avoiding the dreaded builder’s crack exposure to the cold



20140801_150049It is sleeveless so the arms are free for play.

Climb 2

The fact it only closes with a few buttons at the top means there is greater movement available for children which is perfect for the playground/daycare or Kindy yet the tummy remains covered.  Also since there is no zipper (as a name brand vest my children have does) it does not bunch up under their chin when swinging.


I can’t stress the ease of movement enough.  As a teacher it would pain me to see children so bundled up on arrival that they could do little more than walk around outside.

Swing 2

My children love to run and jump around outside any chance they can and layering this vest with a long sleeve merino or thermal top and maybe some gloves mean they are snug and warm but still free to play and explore.



Ok off my soapbox now.


GBP on her makeshift stage singing …. yep “Let it go”


Seriously though this is a pattern suitable for boys and girls that you need to try and why not it’s FREE.  Get it here.

Hands out

As with all Little Kiwis patterns they pieces tape together with ease and the instructions are very clear with photographs.

I know you will love this for the little one in your life so why not join the sew-a-long beginning the 11th of August.





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