Hip Hop Harems by Little Kiwis Closet

In the midst the crazy that is moving cities and living with family while you wait for you house to sell, sewing is my happy place, it isn’t easy at the moment but it is worth it.

So when Lydia from Little Kiwis Closet put out the call to test her Hip Hop Harems I went for it, sewing to a deadline definitely helps to not have another UFO waiting for buttons, or a hem (I know I am not alone in this one right?).

Front looking down copyright

Now harems are not strictly a style I would dress the Princess in (nor is it something she would choose) but having sewn and reviewed a number of Lydia’s pattern’s now I know the pattern and the instructions will allow me to produce a great result.  When the Princess pulled these on she said they were like Jammies and given she is just like me and loves hanging out in her PJs, you can bet they are comfortable.

Beach rear side copyright

Being cuffed these pants have plenty of room for those growth spurts children always seem to have after you sew a bunch of items for them, but at the same time the extra length is not being dragged along the ground.

Playground back

I decided I would put these pants to the ultimate test, an afternoon at the playground.  My past experience with harems have been poorly made mass-produced ones that children wore at work, they had such a hard time climbing and playing in them because they lacked space for movement.

Front close up

We even went rock climbing along the shore without any trouble or stress on the stitches.

rear side hair shake

I used a mid-weight knit for the main fabric and some cotton lycra for the waistband and cuffs.

Beach rear side copyright

Another great pattern from Little Kiwis Closet that can be found for sale here in sizes 0-3 months to 6 years.  It also has a choice of crotch lines for even more swag as well as allowing for cloth nappies in the smaller sizes.


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