Little Kiwis Closet Rockstar Tunic and Pockets Tutorial

I haven’t forgotten about this blog just trying to balance school holidays with packing our house to move, renovations and an awful attack of hay-fever.  My apologies this has taken so long.

The promised tutorial for turning the Rockstar Raglan from Little Kiwis Closet into a tunic/dress is finally here! It was blogged about here and you can get the pattern here.

Please note all my measurements were based on the size 2 for the Princess larger/smaller sizes may need more/less length added to them.  Use a top you like the length of on your child to work out how much to add.



In a nutshell we are going to add some length to the front back and side panel pieces, and create a couple of pockets using the base of the side panel as a pattern.For the size 2 I added 10cm (4 inches) to the bottom of the front, back and side panel pieces.  I also tapered the bottom out adding an extra 2cm (3/4 of an inch) to the width of each of these pieces 1cm on each side of the side panel, 1cm on the front and back at the side when cut on the fold.








pocket piece next to side panel

Once all the pieces are cut, take your pocket pieces and make a single (or double fold) hem using a total of an inch of fabric.  Then baste the pocket to the side panel along the side and the bottom edge.

2014-04-26 21.40.39 2014-04-26 21.45.53



From this point you sew the top as per the instructions.



And you are done.



I would love some feedback on this tutorial as it was my first one, so please leave a comment if you found this useful, have any questions or would like to give me some pointers. Was it easy to follow?  Did it make sense?  Do you prefer words and pictures or the words on the pictures?


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