Ottobre Design Magazine Summer 3/2014

I love getting mail!  My favourite subscription just arrived (ok my only subscription, but I only spend my money on the good stuff!).

Before I finished work early in the year when the Captain started school I treated myself to a subscription to the Ottobre Design Magazine. Since dropping an income would mean tightening the household budget, I thought the subscription would brighten my day every few months, as well as providing countless patterns to use up my stash on.

2014-04-16 11.52.30

This is a Finnish magazine, available in several languages including English, and is very popular for it’s designs which are not your everyday run of the mill Pumpkin Patch, Gap or Old Navy fashions.  The children’s magazine is issued seasonally four times a year and there is a Woman’s magazine issued twice a year.

In each issue there are a variety of patterns for boys and girls of all ages and sizes (they usually include a pattern or two for the larger child) ranging in sizes (European sizing) 50 (NB) through to 170 (Teens).

2014-04-16 11.53.35

Patterns are traced off a main pattern sheet pulled out from the centre of the magazine and are colour coded for easier visibility.  Also in the centre over several pages are the instructions.  Now for the novice sewer this may seem daunting as there are no step by step pictures or photos as we have come to expect from the Big 4 and the newer PDF patterns but the instructions are there they just require a little more careful reading.

2014-04-16 11.53.11

One thing I will tell you is that you become subject to European fabric envy in a BIG way, the photos for the magazine are always stunning and the colours….oh the colours! Just Gorgeous!  I am only sorry that I have taken pictures on my phone in real life the colours are luscious. 2014-04-16 11.53.05

Another of the things I also like about this magazine is that they give you information about the models ages and heights, which helps me to visualise the pattern for my child better.

2014-04-16 11.53.53

As you can see there is quite a variety of styles, but the one below is definitely my favourite this issue – in fact I want one for me 😀  It is a little large for DD at this stage but I may have a go at grading it down as I just know she will love the pockets.

2014-04-16 11.52.46

Head on over to the Ottobre Design website and check out past issues and their free patterns (one of which I used here).  I will only subscribe for the year as I know the 4 magazines will keep me going for a while.  At 42.50 Euro for 4 issues, it isn’t a cheap subscription but the current issue does have 40 different patterns so represents to me really good value for money.  I have also found that the magazines retain their value quite well on Trade Me and E-bay. 2014-04-16 12.36.22

I can’t wait for my next issue to arrive in mid-July.


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