KCW Day 7 – Adelaide Dress from Seamingly Smitten

Sorry WordPress is not letting me upload images right now I will try again later. Yay a computer restart fixed this problem.

Again I did not have a lot of time today so once again I needed something quick and easy.

Pulling out a few pieces from my stash I chose to make a quick Adelaide by Seamingly Smitten.  This was a pattern I picked up in a flash sale the other day for 99 cents (US). I hadn’t sewn it before but from my quick view of the detailed instructions I could see there were not a great deal of seams involved even though the dress is lined.


From cutting out to finished product it took about an hour.  For a simple dress it is super cute with it’s V back detail which means no zippers or buttons to work with making for even quicker sewing.  The only modification I made was to pleat the top of the sleeves as I was being to lazy to gather due to time constraints.



This was also my first time using a pattern from Seamingly Smitten and as I said the instructions are detailed and well-written, though I found the pattern itself not as clear to tape together as some other designers.  This may well be because I live in NZ and we use A4 rather than US letter sized paper to print on.  While it was not difficult to put together it just wasn’t as easy as others I have done but for 99 cents I ought not to complain.

Seamingly Smitten is also running a competition with this dress closing April 19th, there are some great prizes available, check it out here.



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