KCW Day 6 A modified panelled raglan from LKC

Another quick sew today. I had this tunic in mind since I first saw Lydia’s (from Little Kiwis Closet) new pattern for the panelled raglan top (reviewed here). The panels were just calling to have some little pockets added for the Princess to keep her treasures in. Yes she is a collector of things, stones and seeds, flowers and buttons, it probably doesn’t surprise you her favourite fairy is Tinkerbell who is notorious for her collecting.


I ought to have taken some before photos of the top, I didn’t think as I did not have a great deal of time. Given that the theme of KCW this season is mini me I figured I better make something to fit the theme so I decided to upcycle an old top of mine. The black is flocked and ever since I saw it in the shop I loved it only after a few wears I decided I didn’t really love the top just the fabric so it was put into the stash until I could figure out what to do with it.


The side panels and sleeves are a merino knit and I used the existing hem on the top for the hem making it an even quicker sew. I added about 12cm to the length of the top and ever so slightly flared the front back and side panels at the bottom to make it just a little wider. I also cropped the sleeves to 3/4 by going halfway between the long and short sleeve length.


I love the way it turned out and will definitely make more in this style as they are perfect for daycare with a pair of leggings. Thanks again Lydia for a great pattern I know people are going to love this when it is release next week.


3 thoughts on “KCW Day 6 A modified panelled raglan from LKC

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