KCW Day 5 A cape for the Captain.

Least you think Captain X is missing out (though school uniforms mean he needs less clothes), I set about making him a hooded cape this morning. His Grandad had made him a sword like one our neighbours had and gave it to him last year. Then for his 5th birthday he received a matching shield and the Princess got a wee dagger so she can play too.


I picked up some luscious green panne velvet from spotlight (though none of the pictures capture the colour well, the rolled hem photo is closest) and have had it sitting around for a few months.  So after yesterday’s mammoth effort I thought I would take it a little easier on myself and make something quick.


I didn’t end up using a pattern I just made up my own (I will try to make a tutorial for one in the coming weeks).  It came together really quickly as I did a rolled hem with woolly nylon in the upper looper on my overlocker/serger, giving the edges a quick neat finish though it would be easy enough to hem on a regular sewing machine.2014-04-11 12.09

At the joining of the hood to the cape I used some leftover bias tape from the Peppermint Swirl as the green ribbon I had in my stash was not long enough to use as a binding and a tie.  Since this is a dress up (and the Captain wouldn’t notice or mind and I was working from my stash) I am not letting it bother me that they don’t match as nicely as they could.2014-04-11 12.10.05

I am undecided on adding some gold trim, I picked up a considerable amount for just 50 cents p/m at spotlight last year knowing it would come in handy. Tell me I am not the only sewing Mumma whose stash continues to grow because their imagination is bigger than the time they have available to sew.  What do you think, left one or right one or both?

2014-04-11 12.08

I love watching the kids play in their dress up, they go through phases of dressing up for days on end and then nothing for a while. I have made quite a few costumes for them, in fact I have made quite a few for myself too as when I was working as an Early Childhood teacher we would often have dress up days over the holidays.

Last year when we went to Disney on Ice I made a ‘Punzel (as the princess called Rapunzel then) and Flynn Ryder costume, the kids loved them. The Boy wondered what all the fuss was about (as husbands are sometimes wont to do).  Then when we were lining up at the Vector Arena, he saw how much a custom dress stood out in terms of quality he got it.


I can’t wait to use this pattern in the coming months to make this year’s costume.


2 thoughts on “KCW Day 5 A cape for the Captain.

  1. Onabear, you are so talented! I love the cape, and the costumes from last year.
    As far as the trim goes – I prefer the one on the left, because it is simple/cleaner – the one on the right is more complex. The cape is simple and clean. However, I also think it is fine without the trim.

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