KCW Day 4 Candy Castle Peppermint Swirl Part 2

So I have a little more time now to give this pattern the attention it deserves, and it is nothing if not attention grabbing. The Princess wore the newly finished dress to pick up Captain X from school this afternoon. It received masses of comments to which she politely said “thank you” and then proudly “my Mummy made this” and did a twirl.

Garage 1 copy

This dress is gorgeous and well worth the time and money that goes into it. I lost count of the time in the wee small hours this morning but it was about 4 1/2 hours all up. A rolled hem would be faster than the bias binding and would look great using woolly nylon in one of the looper threads on the overlocker. An overlocker/serger is not needed for this dress it just give a neat finish on the seams a lot quicker.

Half the skirt panels sewn

Half the skirt panels sewn

The instructions are clear and well photographed and while the pattern may seem daunting it can be easily accomplished by an intermediate level seamstress or an advanced beginner looking to push themselves. Honestly, the instructions are really clear and there is a great Facebook group just a few keystrokes away.

At Step 39...

At Step 39…

As you begin to sew the skirt panels together you begin to get an idea of how great this will look but then you get to Step 40 and sew it together in a circle, and spend the next half hour marvelling at what you have made and getting lots of photos.

Peppermint Swirl Full skirt

Step 40 the magic begins


I am really excited to make another one, which I am sure will sew up even quicker in Ariel colours (two-toned green on the bottom and purple on the top), these colours came mostly from bargain remnant packs I picked up at spotlight for $5 each.Peppermint Swirl Fabrics

This is not an inexpensive or quick dress to make by any means but it moves in such a way that you think you have given your child wings.  That just isn’t available in cheaper mass produced items as far as I’m concerned.Full Dress copy

So give your child the gift of a Peppermint Swirl, I am certain they will love you for it.

Driveway 2 copy


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